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Author Topic: Star Trek  (Read 3134 times)
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« on: November 22, 2005, 10:36:04 AM »

Company : Sega
Cabinet : Dedicated sit-down
Monitor : 19" horizontal color vector (G08)
Year : 1982

In November 2005 I saw a post on r.g.v.a.c. from someone local to me selling a complete working Star Trek sit-down. I regret selling my upright and have always wanted a sit-down but never had space (who wouldn't want to sit in the Captain's chair piloting the USS Enterprise?). Now I have space again, so I called him and arranged to come take a look that same night. The machine was in pretty good condition... had the typical yellowing plastic and there were a few scuffs and scratches, but not bad. When he powered it on, the speakers let out a nasty hiss and the speech didn't work. He jiggled a cable and it cleared up. Not a big deal. I can fix that. I sat in it and played a game and that's all it took. I told him I'd take it. I looked around his shop and he had a bunch of other cabinets he was selling so I also took home a Galaga.

He told me to load up the Galaga and he'd start on taking apart the Star Trek for transport. The monitor section separates from the chair section and the canopy comes off. He got the two halves apart and was fiddling with the cables running between the two when I returned. They're quite a pain to disconnect as there are about 10 connectors all shoved through tiny holes in the base. We both fiddled for a while and got them all disconnected. Then he noted that the seat was not bolted to the base. The board cage and power supply live in the seat, so trying to move the thing with the seat unbolted was a big pain. It didn't go well. The power supply got dragged on the way to the truck and pulled out some of the wires. I should have thought of it earlier but at that point I suggested we use a tie-down to strap the seat to the base. That worked very well. Could have spared myself some headache later if I'd have done that before moving it. Undecided Not really that big a deal since I needed to take it all out to secure the seat anyway. That, plus it was a switcher hacked in there to supply +5 since the +5 went out on the original, apparently.

A few days after getting it home, I went ahead and took all the guts out of the seat to get at the mounting brackets and see what needed doing to get the thing bolted down securely. Once I got it emptied (lordy, what a mess of wires!) I saw that the original holes were stripped out. No biggie. I just slid the seat forward about an inch, drilled new pilot holes and installed lag screws. I also took the opportunity to enlarge the holes that the cables run through going between the two halves of the cabinet. I put all the guts back in and, just as I was re-connecting the last of the cables, I realized the canopy might not fit anymore now that the seat was an inch closer to the monitor. No worries, though. I put on and it still fit great. There was plenty of play in the mounting assembly for varience in manufacturing.

After double checking all my connections, I plugged it in, powered it on and it works great! The fans are really loud, but it's not so bad when you close the coin door and the game starts. The game sounds mask the fan sound pretty well.

Update -- July 9, 2007 : Oh, poo. Now when I turn the game on, the top half and lower quarter of the screen are scrunched into a single horizontal line. Vertical deflection problem, probably. Gotta pull the monitor and poke around at it. I don't like working on powered-on monitors. Tongue
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