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Author Topic: Speed Buggy  (Read 4931 times)
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« on: November 20, 2005, 12:31:42 PM »

Company : Data East (licensor). Created by Tatsumi/Tazmi.
Cabinet : Dedicated single monitor upright (it also came in a rarer 3 monitor sit down version)
Monitor : 19" horizontal color raster

This was a favorite game of mine from home systems (Buggy Boy on the Amiga). I got this one from eBay for a good price. I drove to Sacramento to pick it up. It needed a cap kit, side art and the logo that goes in the middle of the steering wheel (if one goes there). I'm still looking for side art and the logo. Otherwise, it was in nice shape and played well.

After a while, I ended up stealing the monitor out of this cabinet to repair a more valuable game. I also removed the boardset to desolder and dump some of the ROMs since the current dumps available were suspect. Turns out the available dumps were good so I added sockets and replaced the ROMs.

In November of 2005, I picked up a replacement monitor from Arcade Renovations for $169 shipped. It was an Imperial 19" color monitor. When it arrived, I installed it with only a little trouble. The power connector wasn't the same type as the original, but it happened to fit anyway and seemed secure enough so I left that alone. I also had to modify the monitor cable to move one wire over to a new place on the connector and swtich the sync polarity from negative to positive (there's a convenient switch on the monitor.)

Upon replacing the PCB and powering up I was greeted with a blue screen and an error message:


Damn! I must have messed something up when desoldering the ROMs. Looking at the MAME driver source code (tx1.c) I found that it says error 12 is the "arithmetic unit". The driver is very nicely commented and even documents all the parts related to the arithmetic unit. There's the unit itself (74S516), three PALs and two data ROMs. One of the data ROMs is one of the ones I desoldered, so that had to be the problem. I pulled the PCB and and checked out my soldering job on the socket in question. Sure enough, the VCC pin was floating. Reflowed the solder on it, put the PCB back in the cabinet and bingo! Working again.

Except the steering wheel didn't work. Damn! Grabbed the voltage meter and tested the voltage on the steering optic sensor board. Good voltage. Grabbed the logic probe and tested the pulses on the clock and direction pins. One was pulsing high to low as normal but the other was only pulsing high. No low. Put some pressure on the various parts on the PCB and spun the wheel as I did each one. When I put pressure on one of the legs of one of the sensor LEDs, I started to get the missing low pulses. Yay! Found it. Cracked solder joint. Reflowed the solder on it and we've now got a fully working Speed Buggy.

The new Imperial monitor needed the focus tweaked and the horizontal width adjusted. Unfortunately, it has one of those width coils that you need to stick a plastic hex wrench inside to adjust and I don't have a plastic hex wrench. You don't want to use a metal one because it'll heat up real fast and burn you quick. Time to put in an new order with Bob Roberts. Smiley Otherwise the monitor looks decent. There's a little wobble when things move on screen but that should be less noticable once I can expand the horizontal width so that you don't see the edge of the picture.
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