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Title: Donkey Kong Junior Issues
Post by: Ric on May 29, 2006, 09:26:45 PM
Hi there

I recently got hold of a bootleg Donkey Kong JR PCB, the blue double board type with the serial nos DJ-811A and DJ-811B

This board has a had a rough life and looks like someone took a power sander to two of the IC?s to the extent that one is so badly rubbed back I can?t see the numbers.

If anyone can tell me what type of chip is at B8 and C8 of the B board (serial no DJ-811B) that would be really appreciated.

Additionally, if anyone can give me the pinouts to the two extra cable going from the board (at p12 on the A board and p4 on the bottom board, that would also be really appreciated.

Thanks for your help

Hopefully I can get this board living again



some pics of the pcb here

Title: Re: Donkey Kong Junior Issues
Post by: tim on June 01, 2006, 08:58:20 PM
Hey Ric,

Usually when someone sands the numbers off a chip it's the people who made the PCB trying to make it harder for someone to copy their board. And it's almost always a PLD. Do you suspect those chips are bad? It's very uncomon for PLDs to go bad. You might be able to confirm what they are by looking at an original DKJR board (or the manual/PCB layout of one). Bootleggers don't usually stray too far from the original design.

Are you looking for the interconnect cable pinouts because yours is missing? If I recall correctly, at least on an original DKJR, that cable is a 1 to 1 between connectors. So pin 1 on the top board goes to pin 1 on the bottom board. You could tell if that's likely to be the case here by checking to see if the ground pins are in the same place on both connectors.

Good luck and feel free to ask further questions.


Title: Re: Donkey Kong Junior Issues
Post by: vaxx on December 09, 2008, 03:50:09 AM
Pictures broken so I can't see what board set it is....

But, In the bootleg schems I have C8 is a 74ls299 (20 pin) and B8 is a 74ls157 (16 pin)

I would like to see a pic to see if I have the same pcb set here and I can verify what the chips are

Cheers, Geoff