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Title: Q*Bert
Post by: tim on November 22, 2005, 11:03:52 AM
Company : Gottlieb
Cabinet : Dedicated
Monitor : 19" vertical color raster


I picked this one up in late 2003 or early 2004 from a local guy who dropped it off for me with a Tempest.

A buddy of mine, George Weising, was working with a fellow by the name of Warren Davis who, cooincidentlly, used to work at Gottlieb programming games in the 80's. George said he could get some Gottlieb marquees signed by Warren if I had any. I didn't have this Q*Bert at that time, but I asked another buddy, Stephen Beall, if he had any Gottlieb marquees he wanted signed. He said he had a couple of Q*Bert marquees. So I told him I'd get one signed in exchange for the other. He agreed so I got them from Stephen and gave them to George, who set them in front of Warren along with a silver pen. (Thanks Warren!). I gave Stephen the nicer one and kept the other.

When I got this machine I stuck the signed marquee on it. It also has a new CPO and a repro bezel. The side art is perfect on one side, but slightly torn on the other.

See my review of the repro bezel here. (