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Title: Happ Vision Pro 19" CGA Shelf Mount Monitor
Post by: tim on July 21, 2007, 06:03:00 PM
Vision Pro 19" Shelf Mount CGA Monitor    $183.10   
Stock #49-1329-VP2

I purchased three of these monitors in a going out of business sale from Arcade Rennovations. I think I paid $125 shipped. Great deal.

I installed one in a Bally/Midway Lazarian. Image is crisp, colors are great. Mounted in the cabinet with no problems. I even took the monitor shroud assembly off the old messed up monitor and installed it on the Vision Pro with no problems. The video cables plugged right in. The only hacking I did was to swap the connector on the power cable so I could used the cabinet's monitor power supply cable instead of plugging the monitor into the service outlet, which bypasses the cabinet's on/off switches.

The second monitor I traded to a local collector (Bobby Conover) who put it in his Robotron. He said it looks great there.

The third monitor I hung from the ceiling of my shop with steel rope to use with an XRGB-2 scanline converter for playing console games. Looks fantastic. Great sharpness and colors.

Score 5 of 5.