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Title: Zoo Keeper high score kit from
Post by: tim on July 21, 2007, 05:52:50 PM
IMO, removing the battery from Zoo Keeper, Qix, etc., is vital. Even if it's working and not currently leaking, it will leak eventually and ruin your boardset.

For past Qix hardware games I've owned, I purchased a NVRAM replacement kit from Mark Spaeth. However, for this one, his web site was down and I didn't feel like digging around for his email so I ordered one from I think it may be the same one. It was $45 + shipping, which is a little more than I recall paying Mark, but I bought it anyway, hoping it would be nicely built and worth the money.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. There is a serious design flaw. The pins made to plug into the old RAM sockets are too big for them and they destroyed my sockets when I tried to install it. The docs that come with it say nothing about this danger. I had to desolder and replace the sockets on my PCB with the dual wipe variety before the NVRAM module would work. The game would not boot without it working. I strongly feel they should have used machine pins on the NVRAM module instead of these wire-wrap style pins. These are designed for wire wrapping, not shoving into sockets.

Otherwise, the thing works. It's a necessary upgrade and nobody makes a better one at the moment (that I know of) so I'd still buy another if I get another machine needing one.

Score 3 of 5.